“I really didn’t think anyone on the outside really cared about prisoners.  So thank you again for all you have done for all the people that need help.”


“Sometimes I think of this class as a sanctuary. I get a chance to cram for my pre-GED test. Trying to read in the cell is hard on my eyes. And I have to put my feet up on the walls to keep them out of the way of my cellie. It’s a pretty small cell.”



” I am currently working at the laundry department and attend the evening Free To Succeed classes. Your continuing support helps me as well as many other inmates at San Quentin who appreciate learning to read and write.”



“It feels so good to be able to read now. I am able to take my written driver’s test and can help my kids with their homework. Also, I can go to the Bible Studies whereas before I couldn’t go. This program has really turned my life around so much that I can’t really describe it in words.”



“I had tried going to night school and all the teachers said they could not deal with me because my reading ability was too low.  I even had a private tutor that I was paying per day. And it still did not help me be able to read. This is a wonderful class to be in.”



“This program has helped me a lot. It has helped me with English; it has given me a community and given me support.”