“Free to Succeed has given me the unfettered use of a classroom five days a week in the evening to study and prepare for my exams with some of the most knowledgeable people that I believe I have ever met. Splendid!”


“I come to this evening program to study whatever I am struggling with during my GED day program. The volunteers give me the much needed help in high school math, which at this time of my life (I am middle-aged nearing 70, a scary number!)  is a mystery and puzzling at times. The tutors who come here help the inmates greatly on the path of education.”



I am Chinese and English is not my first language. I would like to thank The Free To Succeed program and their volunteer teachers. They are amazing and passionate. Through their instruction, I got a GED after three years!

If you are struggling in English or Math, Free To Succeed can help you.”



“The teachers are very helpful and can work with you in a variety of subjects. The program has helped me prepare and pass many of the GED exams and get me better educated. I really see this program as a blessing.”



I have been helped by many tutors in the 8+ years I have attended Free To Succeed. I have become much more confident in what I do and say. I enjoy coming every day and especially improving my reading skills. I feel I can now go out into the world and be able to read and write and better communicate with a variety of people. I hope my daughter can read this and be proud of me!”



“I arrived at San Quentin in September of 2012 and enrolled into the Free To Succeed program shortly after that. The program has always been a blessing to me in many ways, helping me with math, English, business and other topics. I give praise to my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ for the wealth of help all the instructors are providing.”